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Dropbox releases Carousel app to organize and share your Dropbox photos

Dropbox Carousel

Dropbox is a great platform for preserving photos, with automatic photo uploads and a great desktop client that downloads all the photos automatically. But with the default app, finding the photo you’re looking for is very difficult. A long list with tiny thumbnails isn’t all that useful, so Dropbox has taken it upon itself to create a better way to manage your stored photos.

The fruit of its efforts is called Carousel, and it is an app made to view, manage, and share your Dropbox photos easily. It supports photo conversations, allowing you to send photos to people and have them immediately add the photos to their own Dropbox. At first, it seemed useless to make Dropbox social, but it’s actually a pretty smart idea now that I think about it.

Give the app a shot, it’s free on the Play Store. Hit the widget below to download it, watch the awesome video, and leave a comment telling us what you think of this new app! Is it useful to you or just another social app you don’t need?


Via: Android Police

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