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Stream almost any media to Chromecast, even multitask, with AutoCast

AutoCast Chromecast app

The Chromecast is already a powerful little device that allows you to stream almost any content to your TV with ease. With all the new apps that allow you to stream local content and all kinds of new content, almost anything you desire can be streamed. But you have to use many different apps to stream different content, which can be an annoyance. The newly released AutoCast may just solve that problem.

It’s hard to say what AutoCast can do because it simply does so much. It can stream any local content, whether it’s video, audio or even photos. You can play a slideshow of photos, something that has been strangely absent from the Chromecast. And it works with many other apps, allowing you to share almost any content through AutoCast to your Chromecast.

You can even make custom homescreens for your Chromecast, view notifications, and have it respond to your voice. This app has an amazing amount of control over the Chromecast, so watch the video below for a better explanation of everything it can do. You’ll need Tasker to run this, as AutoCast is a Tasker plugin, but many of you probably own Tasker already. Hit the widget below to download AutoCast and tell us what you think of it!


Via: Engadget

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