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Chromecast may be getting more homescreen features, possible customization

Google Chromecast

The Chomecast, despite being an awesome little device, is super basic. It has no interface to speak of, just a homescreen with a pretty photo and the time. You perform all actions on your phone, tablet, or computer, with the Chromecast just showing media and nothing else. This works out great for the device, but according to some code in the Chromecast, we may be seeing just a little more functionality come to that homescreen.


Inside the Chromecast homescreen HTML there are links to unused weather icons with descriptions for them. This hints at weather being displayed on the homescreen. Another feature found in code that lays dormant references personal photos, something that would work well with customizable backgrounds.

While these features on their own don’t sound all that exciting, Google may be planning to redesign the Chromecast home screen with some serious features. Weather and other info can be displayed much like Google Now on your TV, which would be pretty awesome. Best of all, it wouldn’t take away from the simplicity of the Chromecast. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see because nothing has been announced yet. What do you think of some extra homescreen features?

Via: Droid-Life

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