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Google may be creating a sub-$100 Nexus phone using MediaTek processors


The Nexus line of devices have long moved on from their original purpose. The Nexus One proved what can be done with high end hardware and stock Android, basically serving as guidelines for other Android manufacturers. The Nexus S also had some amazing hardware, introducing a more refined version of Android. But from there, hardware being the highest end possible lost focus. The Nexus line was now more of a developer phone.

As time went on, that tagline also wore off. The new Nexus devices are cheaper, off contract alternatives showing off true, stock Android (now that it’s in a usable form, unlike pre-ICS). So why do the Nexus devices have to be powerful? Well, if this rumor is true, they won’t exclusively be this high end for long.

The latest rumor claims that Google will be creating a new Nexus device that will cost the customers under $100. It seems insane, but it’s really not that unlikely. To meet this goal, Google will be using MediaTek for the processor.

The Moto G uses a Qualcomm processor and costs $180, still making Motorola a profit. But Xiaomi can make the Hongmi for $85 using a quad core MediaTek processor, price it at $130, and still earn a profit. Google can easily pull off a $100 smartphone with some impressive hardware if the company sells the device at cost.

Not only would this be good for Google and consumers, it would be an excellent way for MediaTek to gain reputation in the United States. Whenever we hear about MediaTek, many of us think of them as a “budget” processor maker. But low cost doesn’t always mean low power, and a cheap Google smartphone could prove that and benefit MediaTek greatly.

Now for some speculation. Considering the substantial relationship Lenovo has with MediaTek, and Motorola being the perfect way to enter the US market, it would seem logical that Lenovo would have Motorola build this Nexus device. Plus, with Motorola’s expertise at building awesome budget smartphones, it would be the perfect choice.

I actually think it would be a pretty good idea for Google to venture into the budget smartphone market with the Nexus line, as the line no longer needs to stay high end. Plus, it would further push the market in a more positive direction. What do you guys think of a sub-$100 Nexus smartphone powered by a MediaTek processor? Tell us in the comments!

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Source: MTKSJ (translated)

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