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Google rumored to be creating Android TV software

Android TV (4)

As Android becomes more prevalent throughout the world, Google is seeking to incorporate Android into an increasing number of electronic devices. Android Wear showed us a new future for smartwatch software, and now leaked documents obtained by The Verge claim that Google is planning to infiltrate our TVs with a new version of Android dubbed “Android TV.”

Android TV

Google has tried to take over the TV before with the flop-worthy Google TV and Chromecast. Android TV is different than either approach, though. As Google’s documents describe it, Android TV is “an entertainment interface.” We can expect Android TV to have similarities to current set-top boxes like Amazon’s Fire TV. Android will continue to power the show, but the interface will be reminiscent of other set-top boxes with a simple, scrolling UI that can be controlled with four-way control pad and a couple of other buttons on a remote.

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The leaked screenshots show Android TV as being very minimal, with categories that show movies, shows, apps and games. But rather than the traditional setup of searching for items within an app, Google wants to recommend things straight from the home screen. This would allow you to  click on a piece of content and enjoy it from whatever source is providing it. From the way it sounds, this feature will learn what you enjoy and try to recommend content that you’ll enjoy next. It’ll also let you pause something on your phone, tablet or computer and simply pick it back up on Android TV.

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Google’s plan is to provide easy-to-use interfaces that developers can customize with their own content. This seems to be a wise strategy, allowing consumers to get a feel for all of the apps while also taking some burden off of developers who would otherwise need to create an entirely new app for something as large as a TV. Simplicity and speed will be the key functions of Android TV, allowing you to stream content as easily as possible.

What are your thoughts on Android TV?

Source: The Verge

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