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Google working on new camera app, to be available to KitKat users

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera

It’s long been known that Google has been working hard to improve the camera experience on Android devices. The camera app, while absolutely terrible before Ice Cream Sandwich, has been getting better and better with every update. The Gallery app has also been gaining some powerful image editing features. But the photo taking experience is still quite poor on Nexus devices, because the app itself is not exactly great.

According to new rumors, the next version of the camera will not be in the next version of Android. Instead, it will be available separately to all who have KitKat and up. We assume this will be done through the Play Store, where Google has uploaded many of its system apps for use on skinned devices. This means that those with HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz can benefit from the new camera.

This new camera app will finally feature an accurate viewfinder, which will capture exactly what you see on screen. There will also be many filters with third party support, so you can add your own filters or those made by others. There will also be a new blur feature, which will blur the background giving the depth of field effect of a more expensive camera (much like HTC did with the Duo camera and Samsung is doing with software). On top of that, Google is said to have improved both panorama and Photo Sphere modes by increasing the resolution.

We’re excited to see what Google can do for image capture. Previous attempts by the company have simply been poor. With apps like Play Music and Hangouts being greatly improved lately, I’m sure Google has something special up its sleeve for the camera. Are you excited for a new camera app from Google? Leave a comment!

Source: Engadget

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