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Samsung sues newspaper for damages due to negative reports on Galaxy S5

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Samsung has been having a bit of trouble in the media lately. First, it was found that Samsung was paying people to write good things about its devices and bad things about other products, and now the Electronic Times has written a negative article regarding the Galaxy S5, the new flagship that’s about to be released worldwide.

Strangely enough, Samsung’s reaction to this negative article is to sue the newspaper that published it. Samsung is suing for 300 million KRW ($284,000 USD) in damages for false claims. The company is afraid that these negative reports will keep people from buying the Galaxy S5. While that fear is warranted, suing a newspaper for defamation like that rarely goes well for a company.

On the other hand, newspapers can publish wrong information, and so Samsung may be trying to protect itself. It isn’t specifically a lawsuit about a negative opinion. But tell us what you think about Samsung suing a newspaper for false claims. Is the lawsuit fair and warranted or should Samsung just suck it up? Tell us in the comments!

Via: Apple Insider

Source: mediatoday.co.kr

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