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Sony Xperia Z2 Compact heads through FCC, successor already?


For many of us, the idea of the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact was simply brilliant. Sony took the full size Xperia Z1, shrunk it down, and created the Z1 Compact. All of the high-end specs were retained in a small body with a 4.3-inch display. Truly good small devices are hard to come by these days, and it was awesome that Sony started making one.

However, with the Xperia Z2 already announced, the Xperia Z1 Compact is about to get a little overshadowed. Luckily, according to some new info, we may be seeing the Z2 Compact sometime soon! A device with the model number SO-04F has passed through the FCC with fairly small dimensions. Since the Z1 was the SO-01F and the Z1 Compact was the SO-02F, the Z2 and Z2 Compact may very well be the SO-03F and SO-04F.

There have also been photos of a backplate from the SO-04F, which has the same flash positioning as the previous Z1 Compact.

Sony Xperia Z2 Compact back plate

Unfortunately, the Z1 Compact launched a mere 3 months ago in its first market, and is still launching in some markets. Releasing a sequel within a few months would end the life of the previous device very fast, though Sony is known for doing this. Even so, it would be unfortunate. However, we may not see the Z2 compact for a few more months at least.

I’m excited to see what Sony does with the Xperia Z2 Compact. Though Sony devices in general aren’t incredibly tempting to me, the size of the Compact devices is amazing and I hope Sony can do something special with the next model. What are your thoughts on the high-end compact device? Do you wish more manufacturers would do this instead of their lower end “mini” flagships? Leave a comment!

Via: Pocket Now
Source: Moumantai.biz, FCC

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