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United Airlines tells customer to remove Google Glass for security reasons


Google Glass is still a young and new technology, and so we always expect to hear of problems arise from its public use. Let’s face it: having a camera strapped to your face will make some people uneasy. However, a Google Glass Explorer was recently involved in her second issue with Glass, this time on a flight.

You may remember Cecilia Abadie, whose first problem with Google Glass was getting a ticket for wearing the unit while driving. She took that case to court and won, setting a precedent for future cases involving Google Glass. This time around, Abadie was told by United Airlines to remove  her Glass on a flight due to security concerns.

Google Glass United Airlines

I'm taking a pic with my cellphone because I'm not allowed to take it with Google Glass. It had to be United the first plane that they asked me to take Glass off because of security concerns. Cecilia Abadie

What kind of security concerns could Google Glass bring up? As she has proven with her image, it’s just as easy to take a photo with a phone as it is with Glass. It’d be even easier with a smartwatch. What is there on a plane that the company wouldn’t want photographed? It just doesn’t make much sense. Plus, if they were prescription glasses, would United have told her to take them off? If you have prescription Glass, you should probably carry a spare set of glasses with you.

This is just one of the hurdles Google Glass and its users will need to overcome while the technology is making its way to the mainstream. Some people will always have trouble getting accustomed to new technology, especially always-present devices like Glass. Hopefully Cecilia will score another win for Google Glass.

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