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Verizon Galaxy S5 owners experiencing camera failures

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera

It looks like Verizon Galaxy S5 customers may be in a bit of trouble. Quite a few people who own the device are reporting camera failures, saying that the camera won’t open and instead presents a message that says “Warning: Camera Failed.” Meanwhile, third-party apps simply show a black screen and then force close. Any other app that tries to access the camera just crashes.

This bug seems to affect people randomly. Some ran into the problem close to the launch date while some owners are just now getting failures. Clearing the Verizon Galaxy S5′s cache, performing a factory reset and even reflashing its stock firmware have yielded no fix. It seems to be the device’s hardware that is failing.

What could be causing these failures? Did Verizon just ship a bad batch of devices or is there something seriously wrong with the Verizon firmware that’s causing the camera itself to break? No one knows at this point, but if you experience a failure, head back to the retailer who sold you the S5 and get an exchange. It looks like many retailers are performing multiple exchanges per day, so this isn’t a rare issue. Have you experienced this Verizon Galaxy S5 bug?

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Source: XDA-Developers

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