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Google Search now shows rental car reservations, but only when asked

Google Search car rental

Google Now informs you of so many things when you need it. Whether it’s a flight or hotel reservation, it’s incredibly useful to just pull up Google Now and get a direct link to the info you need. It’s quite brilliant. But what about car rentals?

Google has integrated rental car reservation reminders into Google Search. When you ask about your rental car reservation in the mobile Google Search app, you’ll get a useful card with all the information you need like car type and your pick-up and drop-off dates. However, the card won’t show up automatically in Google Now. Hopefully Google will get on that soon.

I’m very happy to see Google constantly adding features to Google Search. I use Google Now all the time, and with cards like these popping up automatically, I never have issues trying to remember hotel reservation or event info. Do you actively use Google Now?

Via: Android Community

Source: @Google

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