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Samsung updates S Health for Galaxy S5 to read stress levels

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Samsung S Health Stress

It looks like that heart rate monitor on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S5 has more uses than just measuring the beat of your heart. Samsung has updated the S Health app on the S5 with a new feature: the ability to read your stress levels.

Samsung says that these measurements should not be used for medical reasons, because obviously this little sensor isn’t perfectly accurate, but it’s still a pretty nifty feature. After a particularly stressful morning, you can see what S Health thought of my stress levels. It took a while for it to get a reading, so you’ll have to set a moment aside, but it seems to work well.

Yeah, I may need to relax. This is a cool little feature Samsung decided to add to its latest flagship device, but I’m unsure how it would really help someone besides alerting them that they are stressed. Tell us how you would use this feature in the comments!

Via: SamMobile

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