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Gmail for Android first app to reach 1 billion unique downloads


The Gmail app for Android has broken a new record on the Play Store. It has reached a monumental 1 billion downloads, and is the first app on the Play Store to do so, not counting Google Play Services. That’s a pretty big deal. It shows just how many Android users are out there, especially compared to the competition.

To get to this number, Google counted unique accounts downloading this update, not individual downloads (which probably number far higher). Though this doesn’t mean that a billion people are using the app, it means that a billion accounts have downloaded it at some point.

Next up is 5 billion downloads, according to Google Play’s bracket for the number of installs. While we probably won’t make it there very soon, we hope Android will keep growing until that number is a possibility. When do you think we’ll hit that target? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Police

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