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HTC ‘flounder’ and Google ‘molly’ devices teased by Android 4.4.3 changelog


Get your pen and paper ready, folks, because today I’ve got a couple of new codenames that you’ll want to make a note of.

A changelog for Android 4.4.3 was discovered in the Android Open Source Project today, and buried deep within the .txt file are references to a couple of heretofore unknown devices. The first is the HTC “flounder.” There aren’t any details about the hardware within that file, but a second AOSP page discovered by Droid-Life includes a “Tegra” reference, suggesting that the device will be powered by an NVIDIA chip.

So what might the “flounder” be? Well, it’s worth pointing out that past Nexus devices have carried fishy codenames, like the Nexus 4 “mako” and Nexus 7 “grouper.” Since “flounder” is also a type of fish, it’s possible that this product could be some sort of new HTC Nexus device.

The second mystery device outed by this changelog is a Google product codenamed “molly.” The document includes things like “SET_TOP_BOX,” “drm” and “Update from Nvidia,” all of which suggest that this “molly” may be a set-top box with an Nvidia chip inside.

For now, most of the details on both the “flounder” and “molly” are up in the air. Considering the hints that we’ve gotten from this changelog, though, these are definitely two codenames that Android fans will want to keep an eye out for.

What do you think that the “flounder” and “molly” might be?

Via: Android Central

Source: AOSP

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