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HTC may outsource production on some devices


HTC started out building smartphones for other companies, releasing re-branded devices without its name on them. Now that the company has grown significantly and has long been releasing devices under its own name, HTC may be outsourcing its own production of smartphones to other companies. Rumors claim that HTC will outsource manufacturing on at least three budget Desire models.

With the company in such a bad financial state, measures have to be taken to make a bigger profit. And while making excellent smartphones is already accomplished (the new HTC One is a mighty fine device), that’s simply not enough to make money. So some Desire models may be manufactured by other companies for HTC. Luckily, it seems that the HTC One will remain internally manufactured to HTC’s quality standards.

It’s always been sad to see HTC flounder. Each year they release quality devices, deliver innovative ideas and develop better software. And with Samsung dominating the market, healthy competition is needed. Do you think this is a good idea on HTC’s part? Leave a comment!

Via: Pocket Now

Source: Wall Street Journal

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