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Nokia uses shady tactics to get Android apps on Nokia X

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Nokia wanted to take the hard road with the Nokia X and forgo Google certification of its new handset. In other words, the Nokia X runs Android, but it doesn’t have access to any Google apps like Google Play and all the apps found inside the music, video and app hub. Nokia has made porting Android apps over to the Nokia X incredibly easy, but now it may have taken it too far.

wtfff-590x971If you’re an Android developer and you haven’t already ported your app over to the Nokia Android app store, don’t worry; it may just do it for you. AnderWeb, creator of ADW Launcher, made public an email that makes it appear as though Nokia uploaded ADW Launcher to its own app store and created a Nokia account so that the app could be sold – all without AnderWeb’s permission. According to the email, all that AnderWeb has to do is get in touch with Nokia and ADW will be ready to go.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the situation, but if it’s as simple as it sounds and Nokia is essentially acting on your behalf without your permission, the company should be ashamed of itself. Rest assured this is not the last we’ll hear of this. Be on the lookout for more.

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