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Samsung shutting down content hubs, Music Hub is next

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By now, everyone is probably aware of Samsung’s push to replace everything Google with an equivalent Samsung service. The company has everything from an app store to two music services available for Galaxy users to use instead of Google’s offerings. However, it now looks like Samsung is moving away from many of these services.

Samsung’s content hubs were its first efforts to introduce alternatives, with Samsung Hub Books taking on Google Play Books and Samsung Music Hub taking on Google Play Music. However, Samsung Hub Books has already been replaced by a Kindle app, and the service is shutting down July 1. Unsurprisingly, Samsung Music Hub is next.

Not only is the service directly competing with the much bigger Google Play Music, it’s also functioning alongside Samsung Milk Music, another music service from Samsung. With Samsung’s focus currently on Milk Music, Music Hub will be shut down on July 1. Users are getting emails to download all the music they have before the shutdown.

I don’t think anyone is really upset by this news. Though I’m sure some people used Samsung Music Hub, I assure you that there are far better alternatives. From Spotify to Google Play Music, you won’t be disappointed. How many of you actually used Samsung Music Hub, even for a moment? How did you like it? Tell us in the comments!

Via: The Verge

Source: Techradar

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