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Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Note II receiving KitKat update

2 months ago 4

Samsung is on a roll updating older devices lately. First the US Cellular Galaxy S III got its KitKat update yesterday, and now today, it’s the Sprint Galaxy Note II to get the update. While not quite as old, the device is getting close to its two year birthday, when the highly anticipated Note 4 will be released.

The KitKat update for the Galaxy Note II is fairly typical, providing a restyled white status bar, full screen album art on the lockscreen when playing music, and a significant performance boost due to KitKat’s optimization. It’s a pretty nice update, despite not changing all that much, it’ll make your device feel just a little newer.

If you want this update, head to Settings to check for updates, or wait for the notification to pop up on your device. If you don’t get it today, don’t worry. The rollout might not be instant for everyone. Are there any Sprint Note II owners out there who are excited for this update? Tell us if you got the update!