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Tomorrow only get an HTC One M8 on-contract for $100 off


If you’ve been eyeing the HTC One M8 and happen to have an upgrade available on AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, tomorrow, May 8, may be the perfect time buy one. From 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM Central time, will be offering the One M8 for $100 off the normal $199 on-contract price.

The deal unfortunately doesn’t apply to T-Mobile, unlocked or developer devices, but with the majority of Americans still using the 2-year contract upgrade cycle, we figured it was still worth pointing out.

We reviewed the HTC One M8 and found it to be simply one of the best Android devices ever released. It’s up against a lot of stiff competition this year, but if you’re after a premium, high-end flagship device, there’s probably going to be little that can best it — especially if you’re buying on-contract.

To get a discounted handset head on over to HTC’s website tomorrow.

Via: Android Central

Source: HTC

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