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Action Launcher beta updated with ‘OK Google’ hotword and more

Action Launcher

It looks like Nova Launcher isn’t alone in its new “OK Google” hotword detection! Chris Lacy, developer of apps like as Action Launcher and Link Bubble, has announced that the latest beta of Action Launcher includes in this much-requested feature and much more.

Action Launcher 2.1 changelog

With this update, you’ll be getting the “OK Google” hotword, which requires Android 4.4 KitKat (that isn’t the case with Nova Launcher). Another new feature allows the user to double-tap an empty space on the home screen to turn off the display, sort of a like a reverse LG KnockOn. And of course, there are also many bug fixes and other smaller features.

If you want to give the beta a try, hit the source link for instructions on how to enter the beta. If you’re already part of the beta program, just head to the Play Store and update the app! Give the new features a shot and tell us how you like them. Do you actually use the “OK Google” hotword detection on the homescreen? Leave a comment!



Source: +Chris Lacy

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