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Oyster’s book subscription service launches for Android


Today’s a great day for app lovers. Touted as “Netflix for books,” Oyster’s all-you-can-eat subscription reading service has just launched on Android bringing with it some 500,000 books all accessible for just $10 a month.

Oyster is called Netflix for books for a reason. Not only is the business model identical, but it’s also just as convenient and as amazing a deal. As mentioned above, for just $10 a month you get unlimited access to 500,000 books. These aren’t the kind you find in Amazon’s lending library either, you’ll find NYT Bestsellers, Pulitzer prize winners, Oprah book club picks and more.

The app itself is very slick, offering a variety of font and other reading choices. In case you were wondering, Oyster does have offline reading and the service is no commitment. So you can cancel at anytime. To get started with Oyster and sign up for a free 30 day trial, download the app using the widget below. We’re big fans of the subscription model here at Android and Me. At least two of us (me and Jess) will be trying Oyster to see how it works. Feel free to share your experiences below.


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