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Samsung releases new Terrain Home launcher for all

Terrain Home

Samsung Accelerator, a part of Samsung, has released a new launcher for Android devices called Terrain Home. Unlike most of Samsung’s work, this launcher is actually pretty basic in terms of styling. It’s holo-esque and follows some Android design guidelines, like the new refresh animation found in Google Now. But it has a pretty unique twist to it.

At first, the launcher looks normal. But it has a few gestures to activate different features. In an attempt to seemingly take on Google Now, swiping from the left brings you to a screen with cards showing information. This includes weather, calendar, Facebook, favorite contacts and some system toggles. There are also more functions available to add.

Swiping from the right brings out a panel with all of your apps, including buttons for each letter to quickly go to an app. This is pretty much identical to Action Launcher, though it’s so useful I can’t complain.

Swiping up opens a search, much like Google Now. It can search through contacts, apps and the web. It’s nothing new, but it’s nice to have it a gesture away. Overall, the launcher is actually pretty cool. It’s a beta, so it needs some work, but it definitely has potential. There are also stutters in places, but updates should take care of it. Check it out if you’re interested!


Source: SamMobile

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