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VLC for Android gaining Chromecast support soon


Chromecast is the new big thing in media consumption as of late, if looking at developer support for the little device. Ever since the SDK was opened for public use, the Chomecast has been gaining support from some of the biggest apps out there. And the lesser known apps are using the dongle in some innovative ways.

In the quest to stream all of your media content from your devices, VLC has announced that it is adding Chromecast support to the player. This applies to the iOS, Android, and desktop versions, though the desktop versions will take longer due to lack of native support for Windows, OSX, and Linux in the SDK. However, the mobile devices will get it soon.

According to one of the employees of VLC, the iOS version will have Chromecast support baked into the next update. This probably applies for the Android version as well. However, the company will not release a date. Still, we’re excited as this might end up being the best solution for streaming local media from our Android devices.

Via: Android Community

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