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AT&T LG G2 receives update with Knock Code security


The LG G3 has a cool feature called Knock Code. It’s an extension of LG Knock, which allows you to turn your phone or tablet on and off with a simple double tap on the display. For devices without physical home buttons, it’s really useful to just tap on a sleeping phone and have it wake up without having to actually lift it. Props to LG for implementing this feature on its hardware!

Knock Code is similar, but more secure. You can create a password by tapping four parts of a square in any order you like, with three to eight taps, and it will become your lock screen code. To unlock the device, you just tap in a square in whatever order you set. This doesn’t even have to be done in the middle of the display; it can be done anywhere. And best of all, you can do it with the display off and bypass the lockscreen entirely.

The AT&T LG G2 is now receiving an update to implement this feature. It doesn’t change the Android version, but is solely dedicated to adding Knock Code (as well as enhance Calendar and Exchange Active Sync). It’s awesome that LG released an update just for that, and I’m sure owners of the device will enjoy this feature. Have you tried Knock Code yet? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Community

Source: AT&T

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