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Google Glass comes to UK for a meager £1,000


Here in the US we’ve had the privilege of buying Google Glass for quite a while now, and trust us, we take advantage of it all the time. It’s great! Starting today we’re no longer alone, as Google has announced that Google Glass is now available in the UK for a full £1,000 (equaling $1700).

Google Glass may still be a beta product, but Google is trying to get it into as many hands (faces?) as possible now. Despite the high price, Google Glass is a cool product that has a pretty negative stigma surrounding it. A release in the UK will not only help with acceptance of wearables but will also begin the process of creating laws around the device like in the US.

If you’re interested in checking out Google Glass for yourself, Google is holding a demo event on June 27th and 28th in London. You can check out more info here. And if you’re willing to actually buy Google Glass, head to the source link. Will you be going for it? Leave a comment!

Source: Google Glass, +Google Glass

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