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Google prepping Google Fit to improve your health

Google IO

With Google I/O just two weeks away, anything and everything Google is beginning to leak. The latest leak comes from Forbes and deals with something that we’ve expected from Google and haven’t yet seen. Google Fit is reportedly Google’s foray into the world of health, aiming to help you track and aggregate all your fitness data in one single spot. That means everything collected by your fitness trackers, health apps and monitors could be synced into one cloud-based system to get a better look at your fitness.

This approach is the same thing that Apple showed off WWDC recently. Apple’s HealthKit is a collection of APIs to aggregate health data. Google Fit is said to function in the same way, allowing developers to quickly plug in the necessary code for the service. The move seems obvious with today’s trend towards physical fitness and wearable technology. With Android Wear coming into existence, Google Fit could be an important part of the service, allowing consumers to easily monitor their health with a series of devices and software.

Google Fit is reportedly being planned for launch at Google I/O where several partnerships with fitness companies are said to be announced.

Does a service like Google Fit interest you?

Source: Forbes

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