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Google puts stock Email app into the Play Store, only for stock KitKat devices


One of the current trends in Android is manufacturers breaking their apps out from their UI or OS and placing them into the Play Store to provide quicker updates. Google is one of the companies that’ve been part of this trend, and the latest app to receive the treatment is the stock Android Email app. The app’s UI is similar to the Gmail app, but rather than being restricted to only Gmail accounts, the stock Email app can hold accounts from different services.

Interestingly enough, Google is heavily restricting which devices can use the stock Email app. Only devices with stock KitKat can receive the update, meaning that it’s down to just Nexus and Google Play edition devices. But it gets even more restrictive than that as the Galaxy S 4 GPe and HTC One (M7) GPe are unable to receive the update. No explanation has been given, but we’d be interested to hear why.

The stock email app really isn’t that great, but hey, now you get faster updates so that’s a plus. On a related note, what are your thoughts on breaking out apps and putting them into the Play Store? Let us know in the comments!


Via: Android Central

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