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HTC posts Band-Aid joke to poke fun at Samsung

HTC One bandaid joke

We’ve all heard the Band-Aid joke, and we’ve all seen the photos. When the Samsung Galaxy S5 launched, people felt that the back of the Copper Gold version looks like a Band-Aid. It was a funny joke back then, but fanboys took it to such extremes that it became tired just 24 hours later. When you see people posting that joke on every Samsung related article to this day, you quickly start to hate it.

Interestingly, HTC decided to bank on this joke many months after the Galaxy S5 launched. It’s a bit late, don’t you think? Luckily, HTC’s joke is far from malicious and actually slightly humorous in its unique implementation. Props to HTC for staying classy this time.

We always enjoy companies poking fun at each other, as long as they keep it clean. Still, Samsung must be doing something right if that Band-Aid is selling so well. Maybe Samsung should offer HTC some bandages to stem those bleeding sales. What do you think of this ad, dear commenters who are too smart for regurgitated bandaid jokes? Leave a comment!

Via: BGR

Source: @HTC

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