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Moto G now receiving Android 4.4.3 update with Motorola Alert in tow

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Motorola continues to be fantastic with providing timely updates: the next device to get the latest version of Android is the Moto G. Specifically, Moto G devices purchased in the US or Brazil. The update to Android 4.4.3 brings performance fixes, updated Phone and People apps and probably more (it’s not perfectly clear what 4.4.3 brings).

With Android 4.4.3, Motorola has also included the Motorola Alert app. This app will be useful in case of emergencies, allowing you to send loved ones notifications and keep track of them in case of emergencies. It’s especially useful for children. This same app will be available on the Moto X when it gets Android 4.4.3.

Motorola has been very speedy about pushing out updates for its devices. Good on Motorola for taking on a significant issue that has plagued Android manufacturers for years and defeating it in the process. If you own a Moto G, head to the settings and check for updates. And tell us if you get it!

Via: Android Community

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