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Update: OnePlus One up for sale, but with $100 premium and Color OS


How badly do you still want a OnePlus One? Because if you’re willing to shell out some extra cash for this smartphone, you can have it now. Yes, the OnePlus One is finally available for purchase without any silly invites or anything, but it isn’t directly from OnePlus. Instead, it’s available from OppoMart, who is selling the device for $100 more than OnePlus.

The OnePlus One model available from OppoMart is the same 16GB Silk White device that OnePlus has been touting all this time, but instead of CyanogenMod 11S, you get Oppo’s Color OS preloaded. This comes complete with the Google Play Store, so it isn’t that bad, and it can be upgraded to CyanogenMod later. However, Color OS is included because the site says CyanogenMod simply isn’t ready.

The entire point of the OnePlus One is that it’s cheap and you don’t have to settle. However, paying $100 extra and not getting CyanogenMod sounds a bit like settling to me. Will you buy one now or will you wait for OnePlus to officially release it? Or is it long dead anyway? Tell us in the comments!

Update: OnePLus says that these models were destined for the Chinese market. Buying from OppoMart and other such sites means that not only will you not be getting any sort of warranty, but you risk LTE incompatibility. It may be more of a risk than we thought.

Via: Droid-Life, Pocket Now
Source: OppoMart, OnePlus

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