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Razer opens sign-ups for 500 beta tester slots for the Nabu

Razer Nabu beta

The Razer Nabu is a very interesting take on the smart band. While most manufacturers focus their smart bands on exercise tracking, Razer is trying to create something that will assist you in many other aspects of life. It can show you notifications, track sleep, allow you to play virtual reality games with friends and much more. It will also be open to developers to tinker with.

I’m personally very excited about the Nabu. It looks to be very promising and it won’t be a direct competition to Android Wear, at least initially. However, the launch is still quite far away. So Razer has announced that 500 people will be able to beta test the Nabu for only $1, as long as they provide beta feedback on the device.

If you are willing to provide active feedback, you can hit the source link and sign up below! The beta units will ship out July 10. If you’re a developer, you can also buy a dev kit. Do you think this device has what it takes to become popular?

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Source: Razer Nabu

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  • SORIN Bocan

    I’l ne glad to hale The device The Razer Nabucco. Thanks

  • Bart Brady Ciampa

    I currently use the FitBit wristband and would like to compare and contrast.

  • toby98

    I use Jawbone UP I will gladly test this and provide feedback