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Samsung Gear 2 update with Blocking Mode, improved S Health

2 months ago 5

If you’re the owner of a Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch, you’re in for a nice little update. Samsung is updating the device from to, which brings along improvements like the addition of Blocking Mode, a better S Health app, basic stability improvements and bug fixes.

Blocking Mode is an important addition to the watch. It’s annoying enough to have one device ringing at night when you’re trying to sleep, but having a watch ring at the same time as your phone is even worse. Blocking Mode will turn off notifications when you enable it, and you can set it to auto enable when you’re asleep. That’s definitely useful.

To update the device, you’ll need to open up your Gear Manager app on your smartphone. The update is a mere 20MB so don’t be afraid to download it on your mobile data connection. If you use the device with a non-Samsung smartphone, you can download the firmware from the source link below. Any of you have a Gear 2?