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Samsung rumored to be preparing foldable tablet for 2015

Samsung Foldable Tablet Patent

Flexible displays are on the way and you’d best prepare for the change that they’re going to bring to the market. All sorts of new concepts and products will be possibl,e including the device featured in the latest rumor: a foldable Samsung tablet. The concept is more logical than one might think. The tablet folds up into three pieces to make it the shape and size of a smartphone that can be easily expanded if you want a larger setup. When unfolded into its tablet form, the display is said to be close to 9 or 10 inches in size.

We’ve caught wind of the concept in years past, as Samsung has filed patents for a device with a tri-fold display. Noted in the patent was that this technology won’t be available until 2015 or 2016. Now that we’re in 2014, it seems that the tech is gearing up for a launch in the near future. This is an interesting design, and it’s good to see some innovation at the most basic level of the form factor. There have been a few too many slab phones as of late.

What uses can you think of for a device like this?

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