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T-Mobile to support Google Play Music and other services in Un-carrier 6.0


When T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 6.0 was announced, we were very pleased. Getting to stream music without impacting your data cap is a fantastic idea, especially since high quality music uses a lot of data. Those with capped data plans on T-Mobile will surely appreciate it. Unfortunately, Google Play Music was not among Un-carrier 6.0′s supported services.

That’s why it’s good to see T-Mobile make the announcement that more services will be added. You can vote for your favorite service at t-mobile.com/musicfreedom. Xbox Music and Google Play Music are leading the pack with over 75,000 votes. Thankfully, T-Mobile is listening to its customers and adding our favorite music service sometime soon.

It’s great not to be restricted in listening to music. As someone without unlimited data and a job that requires being out all day, data is very important to me (and getting throttled is the worst). Good on T-Mobile for fighting that. Will this encourage you to switch to T-Mobile? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Central

Source: T-Mobile

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