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Piecing together the LG G3 review

1 month ago 18

The three Android flagships for 2014, the HTC One (M8), the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the LG G3, have arrived onto the scene. The latest one in our grasp is the LG G3, and the review process is now underway. As with our review of the HTC One (M8), we’re going to break the review up into separate parts in order to take a deeper look into key aspects of the device. Beginning on Monday, each day will feature a look at a specific facet of the device. The following Monday, June 23, will feature a compiled review of all the different aspect reviews. Mark your calendars, folks, the G3 is getting a review.

While the final review will contain everything from the aspect reviews plus some, we recommend reading each aspect review as it comes along. Not only will it give you a better feel for each part of the device, but it’ll also save your brain some stress by breaking the review into manageable chunks.

To give you a say in the matter, we ask that you leave any burning questions regarding the G3 down in the comments of this post. We’ll do our best to answer them but please spare us from the, “What happens if you throw it off a bridge?” questions. That said, we look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions, qualms, or concerns that you may have!