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Koush creates a Clear Notification button for Android L

Android L Preview Nexus 7 (4)

If you’re a Nexus owner, you probably know that you can check out Android L in its testing stage by flashing a beta. However, you also know that it’s buggy and unfinished, like betas usually are. There are many things that are simply incomplete about the software, making it ill suited for daily use. One of those problems have been fixed, but not by Google.

Android L clear notifications app

The new notification system is more up front and more bold. I actually quite like how it looks. But one thing it’s missing is a way to clear all notifications. When your phone starts getting filled up with notifications, you’ll have to clear them all manually, one by one. That’s quite a big oversight, Google.

Luckily, developer Koush has created an app that adds a Clear Notification button to the top of the Android L notification area. It’s simple, it works and Google should be ashamed. Hit the source link to download the app for your enjoyment, and tell us, are you daily driving the Android L preview? Leave a comment!

Source: +Koushik Dutta

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