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Samsung renaming ‘Samsung Apps’ to ‘GALAXY Apps’ on its Android devices

Samsung GALAXY Apps

Samsung Apps has been around for quite a long time now. It’s Samsung’s proprietary app store, where many of its system apps reside for updating and where plenty of other apps are available. It’s a fairly solid app store, though I don’t know why anyone would use it if they have access to the obviously superior Play Store. However, it must be a good option for some.

Today Samsung Apps is getting a big change, getting renamed to GALAXY Apps because Samsung has both Android and Tizen devices. Since there will be separate app stores for both, Galaxy devices will now have GALAXY Apps and Tizen will have something else. The change definitely makes sense, as having one app store for both would not be possible.

If you enter Samsung Apps, it’ll ask you to update it and will become GALAXY Apps. There is a slightly updated user interface that gets rid of the menu button, which is a nice touch. But considering this may be the last time you open the app in another few months, it most likely won’t affect most of us. Have you ever used Samsung Apps for anything? Leave a comment!

Via: SamMobile

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