Jul 29 AT 9:36 AM Nick Sarafolean 36 Comments

Poll: Who should make the next Nexus?


With rumors flying about a new Nexus device, it’s time again to test the waters. Who really should create the next Nexus device? Signs are pointing to Motorola creating a whale of a phone, aptly named Shamu, that’s set to be branded as a Nexus device. If that’s the next Nexus device, then what’s happening to the Android Silver program? Perhaps giving every manufacturer a shot wouldn’t be a bad thing. Who would you like to see create the next Nexus?

Maybe you’re still clinging on to hope that HTC will come back and create a successor to the Nexus One. Of course, you could always be of the mind that Google should stick with the tried and true LG, who has made the last two Nexus devices. Whatever your opinion, we want to know. Vote for whichever manufacturer strikes your fancy, and if your favorite isn’t listed, vote other and let us know who you’d prefer down in the comments.

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