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Google may be renaming Play Music All Access

Google Play Music

Google Play Music All Access, Google’s subscription based music service, doesn’t have a great name. It’s a pretty fantastic service (when it isn’t freezing) with a big selection of music, but the name is simply too long and cumbersome to say in conversation. But according to some quickly removed text on a Google page, the service may be renamed soon.

It would be exciting if the new name wasn’t “Google Play unlimited music subscription.” No, I’d say that’s quite a bit worse. It’s still too long, but sounds even worse. Nonetheless, this change might be coming soon. This snippet of text was found in the page for the Nexus 7 promotion offering 3 months of All Access:

A Google Play unlimited music subscription (previously known as Google Play Music All Access) entitles subscribers to listen to unlimited music from the song titles available within Google Play on a monthly basis.

This text has been removed as of writing this article. But it did appearĀ on an official Google page, so it seems likely that this is true. Or it could have been a mistake on Google’s part. Either way, the name isn’t getting better anytime soon. What would you call Google Play Music All Access? Make it short and sweet, and leave your suggestion in the comments! Google won’t read them!

Via: Android Police

Source: Nexus 7 All Access Promo

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