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LG G3 Cat.6 officially announced with Snapdragon 805 processor

LG G3 Cat.6

While taking a page out of Samsung’s book isn’t a rare occurrence for LG, it looks like releasing higher end versions of high end flagships is becoming a trend. With the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5, Samsung released updated versions exclusive to South Korea with LTE-Advanced, newer processors, and a better display in the case of the S5.

It looks like LG is pulling a similar move with the new LG G3. Despite the phone still being very new and only having been released in the US for a few weeks, LG has announced an updated version for South Korea. The LG G3 Cat.6 features a Snapdragon 805 processor and category 6 LTE, besting the category 4 support found in the standard model. There’s also 3GB of RAM with this one.

The LG G3 Cat.6 won’t be coming to the US, as it’s predictably an exclusive to South Korea, so you won’t have to worry about your new G3 being outdated just yet. Still, this is a very weight trend to release a better version of the flagship in Korea. Despite the Snapdragon 801 being a solid processor, an 805 sounds awfully nice. What do you think of this new trend? Leave a comment!

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Source: LG

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