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Microsoft and Nokia discontinue Android-powered Nokia X line


We’ve always dreamed of Nokia releasing a high end Android device with the body of a Lumia. The camera, build quality, and general Nokia design is alluring, but we wanted our favorite mobile OS on it. The chances were slim, but rumors of an Android-powered Nokia device pushed on. And what we got wasn’t exactly great.

The Nokia X was a cheap, low end Android device with a heavy Windows Phone-like skin. No one was impressed, but it gave us hope. If Nokia is working with Android, maybe a higher end device is in the works! Sadly, that isn’t happening. Microsoft has officially discontinued the Nokia X line in its current form, stating that future devices will run Windows Phone.

This is the end of Nokia’s adventure with Android, at least for a good long while. And really, nothing good came out of it anyway. Still, we mourn for what could have been. For now, let Nokia use Windows Phone and attempt to gain traction in this tough market. How do you feel about Nokia dropping Android? Leave a comment!

Via: Droid-Life

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