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Moto Maker comes to Germany

Moto X Touchless Control

Moto Maker has slowly been rolling out to various countries of the world, bringing custom devices to those who want them. First available here in the US, Moto Maker allows you to customize a device (currently only the Moto X) by changing various aspects, like color and finish. The latest country to get Moto Maker is Germany.

Now, residents of Germany can buy themselves a custom Moto X, complete with wood backs. Though we’re not sure if that’s a good idea, as the Moto X+1 may be announced in as little as a month. Getting the previous generation model right before the new one will be released isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but you might want to wait to see if the X+1 intrigues you… or if the older model goes down in price.

If you want to build yourself a Moto X, even if you don’t end up buying, hit the source link and head to the German version of Moto Maker! And of course, tell us in the comments if you plan on picking up a Moto X.

Via: Android Central

Source: Motorola Germany

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  • Justin R.

    Must be a slow news day, Moto maker is arriving in Germany after it has been around for over a year?

    Who the fuck cares?