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Three of the top five best selling smartphones are made by Samsung


If you ever any doubts about Samsung and Apple’s leadership in smartphone sales so far this year, let them end now. According to a new report of out Counterpoint Technology Market Research, the two companies are still leading the pack when it comes to mobile phone sales, with Samsung making three of the top five best selling phones on the list.

Counterpoint says the iPhone 5s took the top selling spot for smartphones through the month of May, but the Samsung Galaxy S5 came in second, the Galaxy S 4 third and the Galaxy Note 3 fourth. The iPhone 5c rounds out the top five, with the iPhone 4s following along with the Xiaomi MI, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, Xiaomi Hongmi Redrice and finally Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. The list, which spans some 35 countries, shows Samsung with a total of five out of the top ten smartphones – an impressive show of dominance to say the least.

The rest of a top 20 list would be more diverse, with Sony, LG and Motorola all snagging a spot, but the top ten is controlled by just three companies. At this rate it’s starting to look like the only phones that can disrupt the iPhone 5s, Galaxy S5, Note 3 and Xiaomi MI will be the iPhone 6, Galaxy S6, Note 4 and MI2. It’s not hard to see why the iPhone still gets special treatment, Hugo Barra left Google for Xiaomi and Google wants to be best friends with Samsung.

Source: Counterpoint

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