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Three ways to SIM unlock the HTC One (M8) for free


The HTC One (M8) is one of the most popular Android smartphone of 2014. The phone is available from nearly all major service providers, but you will need to SIM unlock the HTC One (M8) if you already own the phone and want to switch service. While there are paid services like HTC SIM Unlock which will send you the unlock code for your HTC One (M8) for as little as $12.95, we thought we’d put together a simple guide which walks you through three options which allow you to SIM unlock the phone for free.

Option 1 – carrier unlock code request

Believe it or not, the best easiest way to get your hands on a SIM unlock code for your HTC One (M8) is calling your service provider and simply asking for it. It’s that simple. Most service providers require that the phone is paid in full or that you’re at least 18 months into your 24 month contract. Check with your service provider for their exact requirements. If you do not meet the criteria required by your service provider, the following two options may work for you.

    1. Locate your handset IMEI number by dialing *#06#
    2. Write down your IMEI number
    3. Call your service provide and ask customer service for the SIM unlock code for your HTC One (M8)
    4. Customer service use your IMEI number to process the unlock code request for your HTC One (M8)
    5. Your HTC One (M8) unlock code will be emailed to you in 1-3 days
    6. Insert a nanoSIM card from another service provider into the phone
    7. When prompted, enter the HTC One (M8) SIM unlock code
    8. Enjoy!

htc-one-sim-unlock (1)

Option 2 – super CID (warning: will void your warranty)

This SIM unlock option for the HTC One (M8) is a little technical, but it’s a great alternative for those who already have an s-off HTC One (M8). Changing the CID on your phone essentially changes the region status of your phone. Changing the CID to the right number will trick the phone into thinking it’s already unlocked. This will allow you to use a SIM card from another service provider in your HTC One (M8) without entering a SIM unlock code.

  1. Gain s-off on your HTC One (M8) (instructions)
  2. Change your CID to  Super CID “11111111″ (instructions)
  3. Insert a nanoSIM card from another service provider into the phone
  4. Enjoy!

htc-one-sim-unlock (2)

Option 3 — universal SIM unlock  (warning: will void your warranty)

Those who don’t want to mess with the CID of the HTC One (M8) can also try the s-off universal SIM unlock option. The first half of the process is just as technical as option 2, but things get easier after that. You do have to trust SIEEMPI with your email and IMEI number, but we have not heard of any privacy concerns form anyone who’s used this method.

  1. Gain s-off on your HTC One (M8) (instructions)
  2. Fill out the form on SIEEMPI with your IMEI, phone model and email address. A unique file for your  HTC One (M8) will be emailed to you
  3. Download the config.dat file in root of your microSD card.
  4. Reboot into bootloader mode (press and hold volume down + power buttons).
  5. In bootloader mode use the volume keys to highlight SIMLock, press the power button and the config.dat file will be applied.
  6. Follow the prompts on the screen and reboot your phone.
  7. Insert a nanoSIM card from another service provider into the phone
  8. Enjoy!

The simple, paid alternative

If you don’t meet your service provider’s SIM unlock requirements or don’t want to void your warranty and risk bricking your phone, there is a fourth option that’s quick and hassle free. There are dozens of SIM unlock services on the web like that can unlock your HTC One (M8). Like your service provider, all they need is the IMEI number for your phone and they will usually send you the unlock code in less than 30 minutes. Most SIM unlocking services even have a money-back guarantee if they are not able to locate the SIM unlock code for your HTC One (M8).

If you know if any other free options to SIM unlock the HTC One (M8), please let us know if the comments below.

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