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Amazon’s Fire phone is barely a spark

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Amazon took a bold approach with its first smartphone, the Fire phone. At best, you could say Amazon tried to focus on features instead of specs, bringing forward a handful of new ways to interact with your phone and the world around you. At worst, the phone was one big gimmick being sold for way too much with limited availability. According to a report out of The Guardian, consumers have sided with the latter of those two assessments.

Amazon isn’t supplying any information on how many Fire phones have been sold so far, but by analyzing several key points of data provided by Chitika and ComScore, The Guardian has come to the conclusion that Amazon hasn’t likely sold more than 35,000 Fire phones. Even as a first smartphone release with limited availability, this is bad. After considering how well Amazon’s Kindle tablets have sold in the past and how much ad space the Fire phone is receiving on Amazon’s front page, it’s hard not to call the Fire phone a complete failure.

As for why consumers aren’t quick to pickup the Fire phone, there’s no one singular reason. In the US retail market, you can only find the Fire Phone at AT&T, where it’s priced to sit right beside the iPhone 5s, Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8). On Amazon’s website, you’ll find the off-contract Fire phone for a whopping $649. It doesn’t have access to Google Play and the hardware is lackluster for the price.

Rest assured Amazon isn’t done trying to crack the code of the Fire phone, but you can bet the Fire phone 2 will be a totally different device.

Source: The Guardian

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