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Columbia University creates system to run iOS apps on Android


While almost all of our favorite apps are now multi-platform, some developers stubbornly stick with iOS and ignore Android entirely. This is nothing new, but it’s getting rarer and rarer as time goes on. Still, wouldn’t it be awesome to run some iOS apps on your Android device?

Though that ability probably won’t come soon, a group at Columbia University has created a system that allows iOS apps to run on an Android device natively. The system, called Cycada, requires a custom kernel and some major system changes to function. Once installed, both Android and iOS apps can be run like they were made for the device.

None of the code is public, and it may not be for a while. One of the group’s members has left to work at Apple, and Apple itself might not be happy about such a thing becoming available. Sadly we may not be able to run iOS apps on our Android devices for a long while. However, we won’t give up hope that someone will release the code.

Via: Android Community

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