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Galaxy S4 Google Play edition disappears from Play Store

Google Play edition August 2014

The lineup of Google Play edition devices grew pretty large at one point, featuring phones from many manufacturers and even a tablet. However, the devices are now falling like flies. Recently we were down to only three phones, with the older devices being removed along with the only tablet. But today, that number goes down to two.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition, Samsung’s only GPe device, is now gone from the Play Store. The direct link still works, but it is no longer available for purchase. It’s understandable why it was removed, as the old HTC One (M7) was also removed, but without a direct replacement getting an AOSP-powered Samsung device just got harder. And with no Galaxy S5 GPe in sight, people’s options are far more limited.

It’s hard to believe that the Google Play edition series is coming to an end though, as Android Silver is focused more on budget phones and will not be replacing the GPe lineup. However, with so few devices available and no new devices known to be coming, we’re a bit worried. It was nice to have the option of your favorite device running stock Android. What do you think is happening to the GPe line of devices? Leave a comment!

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Source: Google Play Store

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