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Google may have extended the paid app refund window to 2 hours


For the longest time, you had 15 minutes from the time of purchase to refund an app if you didn’t like it. This means that a large game would often take longer to download than the refund window given, so a refund would no longer be possible through conventional means (emailing the developer or Google was still possible though). 15 minutes is a bit silly, isn’t it?

Though the official policy is still 15 minutes, it seems that Google has extended this time to 2 hours right now. This applies to apps big and small. This was Google’s response:

(We) only advertise a 15-minute refund window, that is the guaranteed window for a user, but (we) do extend the window in some cases to account for download times.Google

With no real confirmation of the new 2 hour window, we’re left guessing if it’s just a temporary test or the start of a new policy that will be made official sometime soon. Either way, we hope this new window sticks around as the old one was far too restrictive. Tell us if you notice the refund window change in the comments!

Source: Android Police

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