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HTC Nexus tablet existence supported by Wi-Fi Alliance document

4 weeks ago 4

There have been a lot of rumors lately claiming that HTC is working on a new Nexus tablet, but so far we haven’t really gotten much in the way of concrete evidence to support that claim. Thanks to the Wi-Fi Alliance, that may be changing today.

The Wi-Fi Alliance has posted a certification document for a new HTC tablet that’s listed as running Android L. For its firmware, the slate is said to be running AOSP and is listed with the name “flounder,” which is said to be one of the codenames for HTC’s Nexus tablet. The device is also identified by the model number 0P8210000 and the SKUs 0P8220000 and 0P8230000.


This Wi-Fi certification document doesn’t really include much new information about the HTC Nexus tablet, but it sure does give it quite a bit of credibility. As for when we might get to actually handle this flounder ourselves, the rumor mill has suggested that a Q4 2014 launch might be in the works. We think that a new HTC Nexus tablet would be a nice way to celebrate the public rollout of Android L, don’t you?