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New T-Mobile Pay as You Go plan offers minutes and messages for $0.10 apiece


If you’re on the hunt for a new, ultra-cheap cellphone plan, you may want to give T-Mobile a look on August 17. That’s the day that T-Mo will launch its new Pay as You Go plan, which starts out at just $3 per month.

In exchange for your three Washingtons, you’ll get either 30 minutes or messages. From there you’ll pay $0.10 for each additional minute or message you use. Data add-ons will be available at a rate of $5 for a 1-day pass with 500MB of LTE data or $10 for a 7-day pass with up to 1GB of LTE data.

T-Mobile’s new PAYG plan doesn’t require any contract, credit check or deposit, and it can be pretty cheap too. This plan could be a good fit for a child’s emergency phone or just for someone that wants to pay for exactly what they use in a month and nothing more.

So what do you think of T-Mobile’s fresh Pay as You Go offering? Anyone thinking about signing up?

Source: T-Mobile

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  1. ChahkGuest 9 months ago

    PAYG plans are perfect for international tourists who don’t stay for more than a couple of weeks. But for everyone else, the $30 “Walmart” prepaid plan is hard to beat:100 minutes (10 cents per minute over that), unlimited texts, 5GB of LTE data (uncapped, but throttled after.)

  2. A. TassoGuest 9 months ago

    The data aspect is pretty lame. Why not have an option for 1GB LTE with no expiration, good until you use it up?

  3. Will Wi-Fi calling work with this?